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  • Active Members
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Zero Risk to Your Channel
  • Declining Rate in the “Business Proxy Telegram Members” Method: 0.5% – 10%
  • Insert your Telegram Public Channel or Group Link in the Registration Form
  • NO Adult Channel or Group
  • Daily limitation is 200,000 Members for Each Channel
  • Special for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency projects




Real Business Proxy Telegram Members

Telegram has very much positioned itself as an independent alternative to the Facebook-dominated global messaging landscape.

Believe it or not, Telegram has plowed ahead as one of the fasted-growing social media application on the market.

The number of Telegram downloads and active users is growing rapidly and now out perform the result of other social networks.

Many of cryptocurrency followers and blockchain evangelist or cryptocurrency enthusiasts using Telegram do doing business and communication with other peoples.

Telegram becomes the obvious place for blockchain businesses to go to talk to investors and fans.

A pollination investors who wants to know about the company behind an ICO or any other crypto/blockchain related project, won’t learn much the company website or facebook page. If it even has one. But Its Telegram channel will provide access to the team behind the offer and a place to ask question about project and technical details and ICO/IEO/STO whitepaper.

So business activated telegram members is one of the serious trouble for any startup or blockchain-related projects managers.

We are here to help you to attracts business-minded telegram members for your startup or small business in short term.

In this way your telegram channel will be promote by our team whose who are very expertise in Telegram marketing campaign and your program will be show in telegram application those who using our proxies and then you will receive real business telegram members who are interested in your industry.

What we do for you when you buy business telegram member?

  1. We will send many notification to business minded telegram members and introduce your project to them 24/7.
  2. We will show your channel in top of their Telegram main page through our proxies which now more than 5 millions people are online from our Telegram proxies.

Drop rate in this method would be 0.5-10% depends on your business and activity.


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  1. Igor Petrovich

    Real and fast Telegram members, thank you! I’ll use this service in all my channels

  2. Ilya Kazakov

    This is a great site with very fast load times. They provide ample information about the services they offer and what they entail.

  3. Franck Féret

    Great service for cryptocurrency and ICO projects. I purchased 50k members for my ICO project channel. Thanks GamGox!

  4. King channel

    High quality members received.